Square Peg ● Round Hole







It’s intriguing to me that Facebook is so concerned about me having more friends.   In their helpful way, they are always giving me a list of “people that I may know”.  Yesterday, I perused this selective group only to find that I knew none of them and equally more disturbing, several had no mutual friends and one guy appears to think that posing with no shirt on is the way to get more friends.    I wanted to friend him just to tell him to please put on his shirt.   Nobody needs that visual.

I also enjoy vague disclaimers about medical issues or “things aren’t going well” bait that people practically overload the comment section with “what’s wrong?” and you never really find out the issue.   It is an attention grabber or bait, if you will.  Those individuals should go into advertising or marketing.    It begs the question, do I really care?  The answer would be no.

I recently updated my LinkedIn profile where illuminating questions are being asked of me, like, “do you want to congratulate so and so on his new job?” or “do you want to wish so and so happy birthday?”.  LinkeIn is the professional person’s Facebook.  I would like more pertinent questions asked like, “do you want to tell so and so you are sorry they don’t have a job?”   I guess that wouldn’t be very uplifting.

I enjoy poking fun at social media and all of its components.   Look, I have to find something funny since our state of affairs is far from amusing.   Turning fifty is bringing an avalanche of delightful sarcasm and realistic outlooks, so beware.  Oh, and if you come across that guy with no shirt, just keep scrolling.  Absolutely nothing to see there.