Square Peg ● Round Hole







Now, I am aware that our trip seems a tad depressing.  The subject matter was serious and full of a potpourri of emotions.  However, there were light moments.  There were those times when I was laughing so hard I almost wet my pants – which doesn’t take much.  When dealing with serious issues, there has to be an outlet.

Our train ride from Berlin to Warsaw was a unique experience.   When the train stops, you have 7 minutes board.  This is all while carrying your entire life in suitcases.  It is almost like a dangerous game of musical chairs because not everyone gets a seat.  Fortunately, we stumbled upon prime real estate and settled in.  Once we were on our way, I ventured to the restroom where I was knocked over by the stench of what only can be described as garbage mixed with waste.   Prior to me entering, Brian assured me it wasn’t him that caused that smell.   One thing about Brian, he owns his odors.   Once I returned to my seat, some of our group gathered in the aisle where laughter seemed to be the center attraction.   When I leaned forward to get up and join them,  my sweater seemed to be caught on something.  Upon further investigation, it appeared that there was gum on my seat which wasn’t there when I initially sat down.   Being assaulted by gum was one thing, but then my family and new friends took photos of the attack.  Truth be told, I was laughing so hard, I didn’t even care.

At the end of the excursion, one gentleman with our group commented that our home must be fun.   And, I would have to agree with him.    We laugh at each other, we laugh together, and sometimes we laugh for no reason.      Laughter soothes the soul, brightens the heart, and allows me to not take everything so seriously.   And, I managed to get the gum out of the sweater.