Square Peg ● Round Hole







This adventure we are about to embark on will be full of sadness.  We are traveling the path that the Nazis and the victims of the Holocaust forged.   It will be a trip, that I anticipate, will transform me in ways that I will not anticipate.  This is not a sightseeing tour.  This is an personal experience.

As I witness our society growing more intolerant and seemingly harsh in its everyday interactions with one another, I am reminded that we are treading on the road once occupied by pure darkness.   The group we are traveling with consists of a dozen or more young men.   Young men that might be inspired to be the voice for those that are pushed aside because they are different.

I also know that God places me exactly where I will benefit most.    My hope is that I will have a better understanding than what is portrayed in books.   That I will be able to come home and live a life with more purpose.

Maybe this will allow me to bring more compassion into my realm.   To be more tolerant of those who don’t see life as I see it.    To not be so quick to judge.   Maybe, just maybe, this experience will allow me to see the world with a new set of eyes.