Square Peg ● Round Hole







It is never a good sign when I receive a letter from the Social Security office regarding Bailey’s benefits.     Normally, it is a helpful reminder that there are ways to get off disability.   Unless they are taking away an extra chromosome, Bailey will continue to have Down syndrome , so kindly just continue to send him the money.   The mass mailings are just one of many annoyances that remind me how out of touch our system really is.

However, this particular letter was one that I had to read twice to make sure I understood it.  They were kindly letting us know that they had paid him too much and were going to need that back.   Oddly, enough the amount was $0.   Now, they also let me know that if I have a problem with Bailey paying $0 back to Social Security, I will need to appeal.   Also, he may not have to pay it back “if it wasn’t his fault”.  Ummm……in what universe would it NOT be their fault?

I am going to let that sink in….go ahead……reread the second to last sentence.   So, in a nutshell, Bailey, who has Down syndrome, is going to have to pay back $0 unless it wasn’t his fault that Social Security overpaid him $0.    This was a five page document and I have 60 days to appeal.   And, guess what?  I am.  I am going to fill out the delightful paperwork associated with this and appeal Bailey paying back $0 owed to our fiscally solvent government.    Oh, and please continue to put his complete social security number on each page of the letter because identity theft is never an issue.

It is so frustrating to endure the incompetence of this vast enterprise that seems to enjoy chasing their tail.     I have come to terms that this is one of many idiotic departments that I have to deal with on Bailey’s behalf.  Nothing is ever easy, but I have to remember it does give me a lot of opportunities to not physically harm anyone.  You see what I did there?  I am looking on the bright side.     Now, off to work on my appeal so my son doesn’t have to pay back that large amount of money that he was overpaid.