Square Peg ● Round Hole







Packing for a twelve day excursion overseas is interesting.   My brain is on full throttle.  The suitcases have taken up the guest bedroom and I am methodically putting items in thinking that I have this under control.  The realization that my being overly prepared might be the cause of forgetting what I have packed.    Saturday,  I couldn’t find my favorite pair of pants and went through every closet and drawers in a panic.   When I surrendered, I came to the conclusion that I could do without and then yesterday I found them in the carry-on bag.   Of course, that happened with my underwear count too as I freaked out wondering where all of them went, ordered more from Amazon, and then found them….wait for it, in my carry-out bag.  So now I will have hundreds of pairs of underwear.   That is my pattern.  It doesn’t matter if I have a list or not, the insanity going on in my head is no joke.   When I get to our destination, it will be like Christmas morning because I will have no idea what is in my bag.

Brian, on the other hand, takes things to new levels.  Normally, he is not prepared at all. This particular time, I sent him to Costco with a list that included getting shorts for himself and Bryce.    He came home with numerous pairs – styles that Bryce balked at, so Brian accumulated more for himself.   Then he went back to Costco yesterday – mind you that shorts were not on that list – and bought several more pairs which resulted in more shorts than he has ever owned in his life.  His only job was to follow the list.  Seriously, I am not sure where I suppose to pack my stuff.

The preparation for a trip is exhausting.   Plus, thinking about the details for Bailey while we are gone can make me a little on edge.    While I am excited to leave, there is always some trepidation.   I am my mother’s daughter, so in the back of my head fear resides. The good news is that today, I can ride that wave a short distance and then allow myself to jump off .  I can’t allow fear or anxiety to rob me of the experience of a lifetime.   The only question is, where are my shoes that I want to take?