Square Peg ● Round Hole







Airports are a hub of creative topics waiting to be unleashed.   With the inappropriate TSA touching and the random bizarre ambiance placements – like a piano player in the terminal, I can’t help but be inspired and amused.   First off, I was touched so many times between TSA and security checkpoints at various landmarks that someone should have bought me dinner.  At the Munich airport, I was pulled aside where they tested my hands for bomb residue.  The woman told me it was a “special test” and I replied, “I guess that makes me special.”   She looked at me blankly and replied, “The machine tells me who to pick.”   I hate it when my humor isn’t greeted with laughter.

In the Detroit airport, we were entertained by a piano player.  Yes, a piano was placed in the middle of the terminal surrounded by bars, gates, and more bars.  Is there really a call for a piano player in an airport?  I am all about ambiance, but I didn’t know this was a career calling.   When he took a break, it played by itself.   Seems silly to pay someone when the piano is pretty self-reliant.

In JFK, the decor was screaming, “the 1970s called and they want their airport decor back”.   Seriously, I was looking for a chair with a television attached.  No space to sit.  Everyone crammed together like a package of sardines.   And no piano player.  They could take some pointers from Detroit in the ambiance department.

The mood at airports today is so serious, you must find the humor in it.   We were quizzed in Munich about our stay…….”What did you see?”  “Where did you go?” and then Bryce was quizzed independent of us since he is considered legal in Germany.   I feel like getting a T-shirt made that says, “We loved your country.  We went to see historical stuff and now we want to go home.”  It would save them from quizzing me.

I look forward to traveling again in September where I can experience more inappropriate touching and the observation of people, places, and things.    After all, when the creative well dries up, I need to refill it and there is no better place to fill up than an airport.