Square Peg ● Round Hole







The first night of Bailey’s Special Olympics softball game is always fun.  Reconnecting with those who we don’t see through the year and watching these athletes triumph warms my heart.   It truly rates as one of my summer highlights.  What I wasn’t prepared for were the questions and comments about my previous job.  You see, I moved on and don’t reside in a place that no longer fits me.   It wasn’t uncomfortable as much as humorous.   Things said like……”what happened?”  “I don’t read it now because you aren’t writing it.” and the best is, “I cancelled my subscription because you aren’t writing it.”.   It was a validation that what I had done previously mattered.   That just because I ceased to exist abruptly with no explanation to my audience of ten years, doesn’t mean it wasn’t noticed.    And while I have moved on, it is nice to be missed.

We all want to be validated.  That what we do matters.   I never thought that a simply article about homes would impact others.    I wasn’t expecting for a barrage of inquiries either, but it fills me with gratitude.  Grateful that people noticed my absence.  Grateful for the opportunity of ten years.   Most of all, grateful for those people that stepped in and swooped me up to offer me new experiences.

I am still in a place of transition.    But, I am clear that whatever is waiting for me, will turn up at the ideal time.   Waiting gives me the chance to be okay with the stillness and allows me to be ready for what lies ahead.  It is a time to rest for the next adventure.