Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have always used writing as a therapeutic tool.   Even with ebbs and flows, I have always found putting pen to paper usually revealed something more than I was ever thinking.    At some point after having my boys, I decided to write children’s books.    I mean, how hard can that be?   Uh…..it was hard.    While your intended audience are kids, the people buying them are adults, so essentially you are writing for two demographics.   So, with a pile of rejection letters, I was ready to surrender.

My mother has always been a staunch supporter for whatever her girls were interested in doing.  Writing was one of those things.  In fact, she is the reason why my career as a freelancer has been so successful.   One day, she told me about a local program that would allow me to get a master’s in writing.  It was a two year program in a brief-residency setting, so I wouldn’t have to sacrifice time with the boys.   I applied with hesitation.  I say that because I have never been overly confident in my skills and this program was going to be run by a well-known writer, so the intimidation factor was high.     To my surprise and horror, I was accepted.

When I listen, sometimes it changes the course of my life.   Imagine if I had simply not heard my mother or allowed fear to dictate my decision.   I certainly wouldn’t have had ten years at a major publication with my own column or be hired for other magazines.    I would still be trying to write children’s books or maybe, I wouldn’t be writing at all.

Sometimes the messenger is an unlikely source.  I have to remember that God has this plan and it is my job to listen to the messengers.  Pay attention to the signs.   Take the risks.   Obstacles are simply a detour toward the right direction.