Square Peg ● Round Hole







Recently, I heard someone say that they are literally fearful of everything.  That their fear is so great that it consumes them.   I heard that and related because there was a time I simply couldn’t release control over situations.  That I “white knuckled” my way through every moment of my life only exhaling when my reality didn’t match what I had imagined would happen.   When I surrendered people, places and things, life began to calm and my fears evaporated.

Now, look, the process is not perfect.    That sneaky monster can creep up on me when I am spiritually unfit and tackle me like a sumo wrestler.   It can be suffocating.   For me, fear blocks the light.  It makes me believe that if I turn everything over to God, then something bad will happen.   It lies to me and distracts me from the miracles.  The illusion that I have control over anything is laughable.  The only thing that I have control over is me.  The rest is out of my realm.

And by the way, you can’t pick what you are willing to turn over to God.  Well, you can try, but it won’t leave you in a state of serenity.   The process involves trust.  Trust that your Higher Power knows what the hell He is doing.   And guess what?  He does.

Living a life full of bliss involves being willing to surrender.   It involves not micromanaging God.  It provides an opportunity to build trust with Him and allows the darkness of fear to be lifted.    It isn’t easy, but nothing worth having ever is.   Don’t make excuses.   Don’t imagine the worst.   Fear (Future Events Appearing Real) can only be in control if you allow it.