Square Peg ● Round Hole







During this process of college visits and senior moments, my calendar looks like someone vomited all over it.   There seems to be no time to simply pause and enjoy it.   I am trying to be mindful.  I am trying to allow God to do his work in Bryce’s life.  I am trying not to navigate the bus in the direction that I think will work best.   It is definitely a challenge.

On Thursday, we are going for his first college visit.  While a lot of people that I know have been on this bus for a while, we are late to the party or right on time depending on how you look at it.    Bryce has decided that he only wants to look at two schools.  That child has a plan.  The only thing required of me is to simply show up and be a silent participant.     The word silent is a hard one to grasp especially when it comes to my kids, my husband, my friends, okay, the word silent is just plain hard.

We aren’t just touring schools, we are meeting with individuals in the athletic departments as he wants to continue working on a football team.  So, there is another layer to this quest.   It is the unknown that can always slip me up, but then I realize it really isn’t the unknown.   You see, God knows what is going to happen, He just doesn’t let me in on the secret until He is ready.    Sometimes I think God has control issues.