Square Peg ● Round Hole







I guess it is human nature to want to “fit in” especially when we are younger, but there is some point in the maturing process that I really don’t care if I am liked or not.   There are no pretenses.   No illusions that I  conjure up to attract those that allude my sparkly demeanor.  Nope, I no longer make extreme efforts for those that don’t balance out the relationship.  The best revelation is that I don’t question it either.

Many years prior, before I got wise, I pondered why someone wouldn’t want to be around me or perhaps, what I could do to make them want to be.   Then I got smart.   If I like you, I will make an effort.  If that effort isn’t sparked with an effort from you, well, I’m done.  You see, relationships shouldn’t be that hard.     And don’t get me started on those individuals who “promise” stuff.  They move away or continually can’t make plans because of their “busy” schedule, yet they “promise” that there will be time to gather soon.  Yeah……no.       Making time for those who matter is effortless.    You don’t have to think about it, so when there is no priority, then you have no relationship.

I have learned that it really isn’t about the quantity of your tribe, but the quality.  I would rather have three kick-ass, empowering friends than twenty mediocre individuals.   It truly is the company you keep.   Some people gel others don’t.  Simple as that.  I don’t have to take it personally.     Admitting that I am worthy of people who empower, energize, and inspire me adds to my magic.   The rest isn’t worthy of my attention.