Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am a firm believer that women should retreat.  Not in the way of leaving permanently – although there have been times that would have been a great idea – but in the context of getting away with some wacky girlfriends.  This past weekend I had the pleasure of doing just that.   A group of us from high school packed up our stuff and headed to my very delightful friend’s family cabin on the lake.   There were seven of us and while I know most very well, I was able to connect with a couple that I was only acquainted with in high school.

High school is one of those moments in our lives that affects us deeply.   There are wounds, layers of discomfort, and sometimes that illusion that everything stays the same, especially people.   Since I am a firm believer that most people evolve, change, and grow through the years, I particularly enjoy getting to know those individuals that I didn’t socialize with “back in the day”.

When you disconnect from life to simply be in the moment, those are the times when you are fully engaged.   The landscape that provided endless hours of stimulation, the conversation that was fully listened to, and the laughter that released whatever problems or worries we came with are just a few reasons why everyone needs to “retreat” and simply exhale.

I came back home rested.   I gained some new friends and nurtured the ones that were already established.  The laughter – we have a twisted sense of humor – along with the scenery was just the medicine I needed for a refreshed re-entry into my life.   There is tremendous gratitude for the amazing women I have in my circle.  They inspire me.   They lift me up.   They are the anchors that keep me grounded.   While there are tons of stories that would be such an addition to my blog, there is a saying in our group…..what happens at the lake, stays at the lake.  Those stories will stay in the vault.