Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am a firm believer that everyone should have a space of their own.  Now, if you have a significant other, kids, pets, or aliens from another planet, it is a hard commodity to come by.    As a woman, we are so consumed by making a home – a place that the family can gather – but we forget that at some point we might want to escape their delightful company.   Weekends with girlfriends are great – mine is on the horizon – but what about those moments where you would just like to have a mini timeout?

Sure, you can roll up like a ball in the fetal position in a common area and rock back and forth until they all leave, but who wants all that drama?    Fortunately, my spouse had built a playhouse for the boys that I magically made mine because they really never used it.  It has a covered porch, replacement windows, electricity and is shaded by the most magnificent oak tree.  Some of my friends call it a “tree house”, others call it my “she shed”, I call it my “happy place”.    When I am not in there, I am thinking about it and when I am basking in its magic, I hate to leave it.   There is nothing more peaceful than changing the scenery of your life. This is the place that I create blog topics, work on my book, meditate, read, or just simply enjoy the landscape.

Even on a sweltering summer day, the temperature is comfortable courtesy of the tree shade and my fans.  Yesterday, was a challenge.  With the temperature hovering at a delightful 95 degrees and a heat index of 106, I was convinced that my day of escape was hindered.  I sat on the couch in our living room longingly staring at the beautiful structure that brings me so much joy and allows me to interact with the world without bitch slapping people.    The longer I stared the more I wanted to be in there, so I grabbed the keys – yes it is locked and I need a sign that says “No boys allowed” – and walked the small path leading to my oasis.   As I opened the door, the heat slammed into me and I quickly turned on my floor fan.      Even with the discomfort, I rallied.   The air began to circulate.  It was warm but tolerable.

I know……I am extremely lucky to have such a place.  It is my adult version of a playhouse.   Such an upgrade from the small structure I had growing up with a dirt floor that anchored the space and a lawn chair serving as an accent piece.  With that being said, you don’t need a separate structure to create a space of peace.  Just find a place where those people that eat all the food can’t find you.