Square Peg ● Round Hole







I thought that when I got home from Europe, inspiration would be abundant.  After all, my experience profoundly affected me, so why the dry spell?  Actually, I didn’t realize the depths of it until my spouse pointed it out to me.   Now, before you go and hunt him down, he didn’t say, “wow, your writing sucks”, it was more subtle, like a casual observation.   But, it stuck with me because he is one of my people.  My people know me better than anyone.  Plus, the man doesn’t enjoy reading, so the fact that he actually takes the time to absorb my words is pretty amazing.    So, here I sit, completely uninspired.  His idea was for me to write about his experience in a public restroom in Poland, but I like you all too much to share those horrid yet hilarious details.   Maybe later……

I write my blog really for me.   It is basically an online diary that I just happen to open to the public.   It gives me a lot of relief to unburden myself or share my experience sometimes peppered with humor.    I love the feedback – most days – of what I write.  There is always one person who isn’t delighted, but I don’t write really for anyone’s opinion, I write because of being inspired to do so.

Plus, I am realizing that I am not overly content and that I am in a bit of a transition.   Figuring out where I fit into the realm of the writing world, starting the process of looking at colleges for my youngest, and wondering what the future holds for my oldest in terms of living independently.  That’s a lot on one’s plate.   I’m not complaining by any means as this is simply life on life’s terms.    But, I am coming to terms with being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

For me, it is all about settling in, feeling the feelings, and then showing up for whatever the universe has in store for me.   As one of my new friends from our Germany trip said, “buck up buttercup” and that I will do.