Square Peg ● Round Hole







Years ago, I settled down on a Sunday afternoon to create my first vision board.   What’s a vision board, you ask?  It is simply a place where one puts things that they would like to see materialize in their lives.    Yesterday, I armed myself with rubber cement, an armful of magazines, poster board along with – pardon the pun-  a vision.    It was like an adult arts and crafts moment.   Scrolling through the magazines, I found words like “inspire” or phrases like “Life is full of moments…..live in them”, along with photos of remodeled kitchens and places to travel.  Basically, all of the things that I want to invite in to my life.   It can be as frivolous or as profound as you choose – or both in my case.

I know there are individuals who think this process is ridiculous.  That’s cool.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I have seen those glossy words and images come to fruition.  On my last vision board, I had a photograph of Rome on it.  A place that I always wanted to visit, and a year later, I was standing in the very place that the photograph depicted.    Very cool, if you ask me.

I am following my God nudges during my transition time.    He wants me to focus on wellness, I started to exercise.   He inquired about what I want to see in my life, I made a vision board.   He wants me to focus, I got back into my meditation practice.   It is all about paying attention.    Sometimes I have an issue following directions because I think I know best.  Today, at this moment, His GPS seems to be a whole lot better than mine.