Square Peg ● Round Hole







There are some people offended when I sprinkle my fairy dust aka sarcasm around for all to enjoy.   Those people are not my friends.   My sarcasm is laced with humor.  It is not used to be malicious unless what you are doing is completely ridiculous then it might be mean, but I say it with a smile.   It is simply a part of my personality.

Going through this transition with my mother, the level of sarcasm is at its highest decibel.   Why?  Because I need to laugh.  I need to release this pent up anxiety in some way and laughter is the only way to walk through the pain.  It is either that or I am going to cry…….which I did most of yesterday.

When I walked into the rooms of my spiritual recovery program, I used sarcasm as a way to shame the alcoholic in my life.  It was the only tool I had.    It was suggested that I rid myself of things that no longer serve me and, well, sarcasm was one of those things.  In this program, I have worked my ass off learning how to do things differently.   My relationships are better and I have changed, but I still have my sarcasm, however it has mellowed.   I have tweaked it.   Made it less biting and more fun.  My intent is to not cause harm to those around me, which I think, most days I do a pretty decent job.    The goal isn’t to be offensive, it is simply a measure of humor.

Honestly, this isn’t a blog to rationalize or justify anything.  People are going to either adore it or hate it.  Not my business.   However, in the grand scheme of things if you are offended by me and my delightful sarcastic nature, but aren’t by our how our society is circling the drain, you have bigger problems and it isn’t me.