Square Peg ● Round Hole







I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the anniversary of getting my first fake body part.  I know what you are thinking, “wow, I wondered if she had a boob job”, but sadly, you would be wrong.  Anyway, I would fire that guy.   The girls are a bit saggy.   I am referring to my right knee.

A year ago today, I made the best decision of my life having my knee replaced.  I was scared, unsure, and kind of depressed that this was all happening before the age of fifty, but as I look back, I realize that my life was impacted by the pain that I was enduring.   Today, I am back to a reasonable pace on the treadmill, I was able to participate in several walking tours while in Europe this summer, and most of all, I feel great.  Sure, there are days when it might twinge a bit (it takes a full year to heal), but nothing compared to the agony that I was in last year.

Yesterday, as I went to register Bryce for his senior year, I was reminiscing on how different I feel from last year.  When going up and down stairs was difficult.  Standing was painful and I felt like I was older than I actually was.    So grateful that I trusted my gut on this one.  Part of me agreeing to this major surgery was my willingness to ask for help.   I really don’t want to “bother” anyone, but I ran with it and my tribe showed up for me.   It was an excellent lesson in humility.    It is amazing how one experience can provide me with multiple lessons.