Square Peg ● Round Hole







My life is a series of advocacy commercials.  Between my mother and Bailey, I am constantly navigating, arguing, and figuring out what works in any given situation.  This week I seem to be attracting the opportunity to be on the defensive for both.    With Mom, I am simply trying to find the right caregiver who can deal with the “picky princess”.  I have been on the phone daily reiterating what is needed and the revolving door keeps, well, revolving.  I finally gave her and myself a break yesterday and today, by letting her sleep.  We will resume the hunt tomorrow.

With Bailey, it is a different context of advocating.   Being in a job for almost two years, he has made friends and has learned a lot of new job skills.  Of course, there are always blips.  Like yesterday, when he apparently called one of his coworkers a name.  This individual went to a special worker that acts as a liaison to filter out various situations, to tell her about what Bailey had said.   Sigh……and here lies where I jump in.  Upon hearing about the situation, I immediately chatted with Bailey who promptly admitted his part and that he would apologize to this person tomorrow along with writing her a note.  But, there was still something bugging me.    So, my authentic self, tackled it and urged the liaison to be proactive in having individuals deal with Bailey directly.   Honestly, I felt like I had been transported in time where I would get phone calls from teachers who had no idea how to deal with an individual with Down syndrome.  Look the plus is Bailey didn’t flip someone off, he just called them a name.   So we are making progress over here.

My reality is chalked full of endless teachable moments.  I have to look at it that way or it sometimes becomes overwhelming.   Right now, I have two individuals with special needs who require a lot of assistance.   This requires me to do several things to keep my sanity…..1. Always speak my truth….even if others don’t like it.   2.   Take care of myself.  I am no good to anyone if I am in a padded cell curled up in the fetal position. 3. Always be open to suggestions because I don’t know everything.   And with that I am counting down until we leave for Europe in September.