Square Peg ● Round Hole







I embrace the importance of a professional photographer capturing the essence of my family.  I am not quite sure what type of essence was captured, but the final product will probably more amazing than the shoot itself.  Now, you have to understand the unity that we present during this delightful time together.  First, Bryce hates having his picture taken.   The only reason he did his senior pictures was because a blank spot in the yearbook would look ridiculous.   Thirty years down the road he would be showing his kids the blank spot.  Ummmm………NO!  That wasn’t an option.  So, when I said “family photo shoot”, it was like I was abusing him in some way.

My family reluctantly follows my lead.  Bailey is more compliant because he adores being the center of the universe.    The air was sticky and humid yesterday.  Of course, I wanted an outdoor photo shoot because, well, those look the best in my opinion.   So, we met a friend who did the previous shoot four years ago, at a lovely historical home surrounded by a scenic landscape.   You would have thought that the serene location alone would have simply snapped everyone into good behavior.  You would be wrong.  My spouse, who is a man-child, kept throwing things at the boys while their photo was being taken.   Bryce complained A LOT about the heat and how much he disliked the whole idea of a photo shoot.   Bailey kept annoying his brother.   It might have been easier to corral toddlers, puppies or even kittens than these three delightful human beings.

Of course, when I look back on all of this, I laugh.  I laugh because I love this group of smelly men so much that my heart might explode.   Photographs make time stand still and that is all I really want.  A simple pause in the moment.   The essence of my family radiates love, happiness, and a twisted sense of humor.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.