Square Peg ● Round Hole







Yesterday I had a plan.  First day everyone was out of my house and back to their regular routines, I was spending time writing before I would venture to a photo shoot for one of the magazines that I contribute to.    I was smug. My mother would be having a fill-in caregiver until they could find someone that didn’t have regular clients.  Personally, I think it is a ruse since the “picky princess” is so particular, they are probably scrambling.  After I dropped off Bailey at work, my phone rang.  It was the agency informing me that when the caregiver arrived my mother had just apparently fallen out of bed prior to opening the front door.    Heavy, heavy sigh.    I jump in my car and head over to her house.

I am greeted by a lovely lady who I instantly wished would stay with us forever.  In fact, I wanted to keep her hostage, but that is definitely illegal, so I just oozed gratitude at how calm she was.    First, my mother looked like she had been in a bar fight and lost.  Which, oddly enough, if she were in one, I would definitely put money on her since she is so scrappy.   But, in this case, she looked awful.   Large knot on her head with a gash along with her knee bruised and swollen.    She sees me and says, “I am not going to the hospital.  I am 86 years old and I don’t care if I have a concussion.”   I call her doctor.  We chat and then I called one of my medical friends to reason it out with her.  We all came to the conclusion that if she wasn’t exhibiting signs like, nausea, vomiting, well, you get it, that we would just nurse her at home.   Nobody needs to be sitting in a germ infested ER especially a geriatric woman.

I popped in and out of her home to check on her throughout the day.   She was eating, complaining, and simply being her, so I knew that we made the right choice.   Plus, she has a really hard head, so it would take a lot to knock her out.

Today, is a new day with another fill-in.   This is just another example of me not having any sort of control over anything.   It is a constant lesson in being flexible.  Something I am trying to be.   Stayed tuned…….