Square Peg ● Round Hole







A few days ago, we took Bryce to meet with the assistant athletic trainer at The University of Kentucky. His goals is to be a student trainer on a college level.  If you know me, you are well aware that blue isn’t my favorite color and that our house is divided into University of Louisville fans (Bailey and myself) and the other team down the road fans (Brian and Bryce).  But this isn’t about me, is it?  It is all about Bryce finding the right fit.

When we got to the football stadium where the the athletic training facility is, I wondered if I would spontaneously combust while the other two almost wet themselves from the excitement.   But, I will say this……I was impressed.  I went there with an open mind.  I even envisioned myself sitting in the stands wearing blue.  Now, my disclaimer is I will cheer for them as long as they aren’t playing U of L, but I have never worn their colors.  This would be huge sacrifice for my child if he chooses this school.   It just never ends, does it?  Always giving back to my kids.

Anyway, we sat down with the assistant athletic trainer and I got a little excited.  I didn’t even fight it, I just let it happen.  And then there was Bryce.  The child who never stops talking could barely utter a word.  “Tell Alex your story”, I prompted.   Silence.   “Tell Alex why you love what you do”.  Fortunately, Alex is a young guy who caught on to Bryce being nervous and made him feel at ease.   Nothing worse than watching your child completely shut down.

Afterwards, I asked him why he was so nervous.  At Western Kentucky University, he was relaxed and engaging.  His response was (and please get the visual of his face looking at me like I am fifty shades of stupid)…”Um…this is U of K.”   I guess that makes sense.  I mean, I don’t get it, but sure we will go with that explanation.

I have no clue where he will end up going to college.  Considering he only wanted to look at two schools, it makes the decision process a little less cluttered.  With that being said, I just go along for the ride, offer a listening ear, and know that we have given him enough tools to figure out this decision on his own……even if it means adding blue to my wardrobe.