Square Peg ● Round Hole







Bailey and I took the time to lay a blanket on the driveway donning our cool glasses – purchased months ago, I might add – complete with pillows and an appreciation for what an amazing experience we were about to witness.   I had several thoughts while lying on the blanket watching the moon photobomb the sun.   First, how cool is it that at this very moment, groups of people – strangers or otherwise – are gathered in unison to watch this. For me, this is a beautiful blend of science and spirituality that is begging for us to observe and absorb.

Toward the end of the height of the eclipse, I began to see what I would constitute as a frown.  It was as if the universe were sending a message that it isn’t too happy with the state of the world.  I began to think that if it could, it would give us the finger, but that is way too much work.    I said that to Bailey, and he commented that the frown looked like me.  He laughed and laughed.  He is delightful.

It humored me this morning as people scrambled to get their glasses or tried to get to an area where 100 percent of the sun would be covered because, seriously, we have known about this for forty years, so a little planning would do some people a world of good.   I commented on my Facebook page that those who didn’t plan accordingly should not be offended if they are used for bait if we are attacked by zombies.

So, if you are still looking for glasses, I have some……