Square Peg ● Round Hole







When you have a special needs child, I think that society as a whole should just remove any red tape so that your journey won’t be more difficult.  Wouldn’t that be delightful?  Well, that isn’t reality.   The social security office and I have a intense dislike for one another.   They send ridiculous letters and I send those letters back to them with a my own correspondence pointing out their intense waste of our tax dollars.

Let me lay out the scene.  Bailey receives a monthly disability disbursement.  I have the task of reporting any income he receives from his job.   Usually a day after I report his wages, I get not one but two letters – one is for Bailey and the other is for me – stating the change in his amount due to his increase or decrease in income.    So, for example, he made $80 in August.  I reported that amount yesterday.   I get a letter on Thursday indicating that they estimate that he will be making $420 in September so they are lowering his disability disbursement for October.   Let me state the obvious…..my son works 15 hours a week at $8.25 an hour.  If there is a holiday from school or they are off for a period of time, he doesn’t get paid.    Essentially they waste a lot of paper with their estimates and I imagine that next week I will be receiving another letter stating that they are now increasing it because of the amount I reported.   Do you understand the insanity?   This is just one example of what parents with special needs children deal with on a daily basis.  It is exhausting.

I am so looking forward to hearing from my friends at the social security office.   They will probably want a special photo of me to put in their office as a warning to others.   Most likely they will send another letter asking if his disability has gone away (this has happened).  That my friends is another example of how dysfunctional the system is, but that would require another blog and I have letters to write and people to annihilate.