Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am not sure what it is, but when I am preparing for a trip, I start nesting.   Similar to a pregnant woman, I am cleaning, purging, gathering, and trying to pack.  I have lists for me, the boys, and probably, if you wanted a list, I would write one for you as well.   Honestly, my brain is in the manic stage.    This is always what happens before I leave, but more so when traveling abroad.

I had bought these pants – at least six pairs in different colors – to match with shirts.  With the best of intentions, I was going to match the snazzy pants to two shirts each with the thinking that it would last me the twelve days we will be gone.  This is where I wish for the Garanimals for adults.  (If you are reading this, and questioning what a Garanimal is, then you are too young and should resort to Google to research it.)    Anyway, it would be helpful with my squirrel brain.   Basically, I am just tossing shit in my suitcase and hoping for the best.

The best thing is that my house will be clean, the refrigerator will be sparkling, and my garden will be weeded,.    It is my process of preparation.    It makes me feel in control because leaving my home, kids, pets, well, makes me feel a little vulnerable.   Oh, and I won’t get excited until I get to the airport.  That is when the real adrenaline starts to flow and the realization that I am going to these fantastic places sinks in.  Until then, I am the crazy list lady who will have the cleanest and neatest home in the land.