Square Peg ● Round Hole







I often compare being a writer to dating.       There is plenty of rejection and even playing hard to get is tricky.   Since my breakup with my former writing relationship, I am on the prowl.  Trying to makeover my writing to be attractive to other opportunities.  I am kind of playing the field this time around since being in a long term relationship can be a bit smothering.

The problem resides in the fact that I don’t call the shots, so playing hard to get is difficult.  It isn’t like I can say, “You want me to write?  So, sorry.  I have other plans.”  No, instead I wait with greedy expectation.   Do I wait for them to contact me?  No, I send multiple emails making sure I am not forgotten. I do spread them out, so I don’t appear desperate.   Then when I get an email saying, “We don’t need you this month, but next month for sure.”   I respond with a cheerful, “That sounds great!”   In my head, it really doesn’t sound great.   In fact, it sucks, but the reality is a writer has no clout.

Because I am a writer, I create scenes in my head.   One scene has me as a New York Times bestselling author.    Those that have rejected me are now eager to have me write for them.    I smile and say, “Oh, I am so busy.  I will have my people call you.”  Oh, the delight!    But then,  I am jolted back to reality, gather my writing tools, and plug away at my book projects.   Because my mind resembles squirrels at a rave, I have two book concepts going at the same time.     It might sound confusing, but somehow my brain has been able to accommodate both ideas beautifully.

Writers are a dime a dozen.   So, if I pass on a project, it isn’t like they are going to go into mourning over it.  Nope, they will just find someone else.     Considering I didn’t set out to be a writer, things have worked out pretty well.    Patience is key in this industry and all of this experience gives me the opportunity to practice being still.  In the meantime, whenever I am rejected, I will simply make them a character in my book and kill them off.     My book might have a lot of dead people in it.