Square Peg ● Round Hole







“We are going to need another bag,” my delightful spouse announces as he starts to pack for our trip.   I am confused.   We are two people gone the same amount of time previously.  The last trip abroad we had three people’s items in one bag, so I spend a minute processing.   Let me give you the backstory.

I sent Brian to Costco with the intent that he get more socks and underwear for our excursion.    He does just that and I think nothing of it until he is bellowing about another suitcase.   I realize that my dear spouse has just dumped his amenities into the bag without taking them out of the package.     Save me Jesus!

When I enter the room, sure enough, that would be the issue.   “Take them out of the packaging and then there will be plenty of room.”   He is annoyed, but complies.   My eyes hurt from all the rolling.   Then he says, “How many shirts do I need?”   I feel like a first grade teacher when I sarcastically say, “Well, Brian, how many days will we be gone?”    Then it is the whole drama that he doesn’t have enough polos.   How long have we planned this trip?

I exhaled – very dramatically, I might add – and said, “Just give me all of your stuff and I will pack it.”   After all, isn’t that what he wanted to begin with?   After 10 minutes, the big suitcase is backed effortlessly.    No struggled to shut it.   Everything fits in its place.

I announce that this will be a blog post.   He responds that he is glad I am inspired by him.    It is a good thing I adore him or we would be a headline in a newspaper.