Square Peg ● Round Hole







This week I wrote about the disease we call social media with a special spotlight on Facebook.     And while I hit on the highlights, I missed a vital piece…..the contagious copy and paste epidemic that seems to be griping this particular platform.   Yes, I am sure you have fallen victim to it.  I haven’t because I find it incredibly dull and unoriginal.  It mimics the chain letters that we grew up with, minus the threatening “don’t break the chain” message.

One of my favorites is the copy and paste crap that comes via private message.  It tells you to hold down the heart to show your support for something.  I totally stop reading stuff if it doesn’t hold my attention, so I have no idea what I am suppose to show support for or be aware of.   For the love of Jesus, please refrain from doing this.  It makes me want to scream and spout profanity. Okay, I spout profanity most of the time, but this makes it appear that I have some sort of disorder.   In fact, if you are reading this and you have done this very thing to me, I have unfollowed you with the next step being the defriending status.   Sounds harsh, but let’s be honest…..this copy and pasting for awareness for cancer, heart disease, fly fishing addiction (okay, that one is fake), but you get my gist…..doesn’t do anything.  You see, we already have the awareness.  What we don’t have is a cure.

Next up, the “it’s husband and wife week.  If you are proud to be married to your spouse, copy and paste with the year y’all got married”.  There is so much wrong with this sentence.  First, I am proud to be married to my spouse on most days.  He actually participated in this delightful exercise which made me roll my eyes.   He did it because he knew it would annoy me, so I think it should read like this, “it’s husband and wife week.  If you still love to annoy your spouse, copy and paste with the year that started.”  The other thing wrong is the “y’all”.  For a writer, that mimics nails on the chalkboard.  It is “you all”, thank you very much.

So, if you are addicted to copying and pasting, you might want to send all of your friends a private message to hold down the heart, so everyone is aware of your addiction to this complete waste of time.   Make sure that at the end of the message, you add that if they don’t participate, their unicorn will die.