Square Peg ● Round Hole







“I was at Walmart today…..”  (My husband begins, which begs the question, why would you willingly go to Walmart or is the beginning of the story about how someone forced him to go?)  “and they have a 55 inch television with a……”   I give him the look.  The look that I know where he is going with this.  “Let me finish”, he says because he knows that I already know where this is leading, but to be fair, I encourage him to continue.  “Anyway, it has the Roku built in and I thought I could buy that for me and then give Bryce the television in the living room.”    Let me share the backstory.   The rule in this house is that when you turn eighteen, you can have a television in your room.   Bryce will turn that magical number tomorrow, so basically, my spouse wants to buy a television for himself and give our son a used one as a gift.

Bryce walks in a few minutes later and I share his Dad’s amazing idea which resulted in him having the same response that I did.   Isn’t my husband just adorable?  Suffice it to say, we are not going the route of my crazy-Walmart-shopping spouse.  I would love to say that Walmart took him hostage and made him say those ridiculous things, but sadly, I can’t blame them.

In the meantime, I am still a little jet lagged partly due to the fact that our two Basset hounds came home from boarding with kennel cough.   Their coughs resembles an old woman who didn’t quit smoking early enough and now barks like a seal.   When they cough, it seems to be in unison which makes sleeping nearly impossible….for me.   Sleeping beauty with his CPAP machine, is perfectly content.  Meanwhile, I am trying to dodge the phlegm puddles that they so lovingly leave for me in the middle of the night.    I took them to the vet yesterday where they were given antibiotics and a cough suppressant, but with anything, it simply needs to run its course.

While all that is going on in the world, a little humor is needed.   My family provides the comic relief and the Bassets, well, even sick bring a smile to my face   I really like my circus family and I am grateful that my clowns don’t delight in the creepy makeup or tie red balloons to sewage drains.