Square Peg ● Round Hole







“I want everything to be perfect.”  I heard this from an acquaintance as she talked about her upcoming wedding.  I wanted to tell her to lower her expectations.  I wanted to share with her my experience on that very notion.  I wanted to shake her and say, “nothing is perfect”.     When you give up the notion of perfection, something beautiful happens.  You gain a new appreciation for the imperfect.

What would your day look like if you accepted that imperfection would be sprinkled throughout the day?    If my first wedding to my spouse went perfect, I wouldn’t have a dysfunctional, yet humorous story to share.   The same with my second wedding, although, that might have been more entertaining than the first.    There is something magical about allowing whatever is going to be to simply be.    This in itself requires me to let go of the outcome.

I have realized that I enjoy writing more when I am not being paid for it .  My paid work is writing that doesn’t fill me up.  It is merely an assignment.  But, writing my blog, entering contests or working on my book,  where I am not limited in my topics allows me to expand my craft.  My career is not perfect.

Perfection is overrated anyway.  I mean, if I were perfect, I would have to maintain that level all of the time.  That feels like a lot of work.   It feels exhausting.   Honestly, I am in the mindset of allowing everything to unfold organically.   Wanting perfection is really just a pretty word that hides that nasty little word…..control.    The illusion of control sneaks in when I am fearful.   See…….when we want a situation to be perfect, we are trying to control the outcome because we are scared.  Scared of what, you ask?  Scared of being flawed.  Scared of being human.

I thrive in knowing that I am perfectly imperfect.    Besides, being flawed is more interesting than trying to be something I am not.