Square Peg ● Round Hole







“Where do you think Bryce will go?”  That was the question asked when we were attending his senior football dinner last night.    We toured his second college yesterday.  Considering he only wanted to look at two, the decision should be easy.    However, both have equally attractive amenities.

When I went to college, it was a basic as a prison cell.    Community bathrooms were the norm and I used to get excited if I found another milk crate I could use as storage.   I picked the wrong era to be born.   Yesterday, the dorm room we looked at was a two person suite.  Pretty standard.   It featured Tempur-Pedic mattresses, private bathroom, and plenty of storage.  Please don’t get me started regarding the fact that the mini-refrigerator and microwave come with the room.   For the love of Jesus!  My father lugged my refrigerator up three flights of steps.     I know, as Bryce would lovingly say, “things have changed in thirty years”.

The whole tour, Bryce’s face was a closed book.  Afterwards, I asked him what he thought.  Of course, he loved the large Starbucks in the library.  Sure, the thought of having an app that tells you when the washer is done adds value.   Oh, and the university will provide you with free health insurance as long as you are a student and a bike if you don’t have a car.   Still nothing.  No opinion.  No pros and cons regarding which school he feels would fit him.  Maybe he simply doesn’t know.

Part of my job as a parent is to simply go along for the ride.   Do I think I know the best fit for him?  Duh…..of course.  But, what I know is that we have given him the tools to figure this stuff out, so it is up to him to make this decision without any input from me.    Until then, we wait.   I feel like I did when Grey’s Anatomy had a crazy season finale and I had to wait months to find out what happened.   Bryce literally has me on the edge of my seat.