Square Peg ● Round Hole







Most of us despise change.  Unfortunately, the process is inevitable.  There is always a space between where you are and where you are going.  That space can be terrifying or it can be invigorating…..your choice.

In all transparency, I have revved things up in the “I am unnerved by my middle-age body and I want it to disappear”portion of the programming.   For six days, I have expanded my workout routine, guzzled more water, and tweaked my intake.  I feel better.    More energy, but I look the same.   Here is where I can get in trouble.   My brain is a powerful force.  It will feed me words like…..”Look at all the hard work you did and nothing became of it.”   Then I will rationalize no longer investing in my new process of living.  My brain is an asshole.  Yet, for fifty years, I have allowed it to talk me out of things because I am afraid of change.   So, I asked myself this question…….what would it look like if I partnered with change?  See, I have felt great this past week, so just because the scale didn’t move as much as I hoped or my enthusiasm has wavered, why would I abandon this opportunity?

So, I grabbed the hand of change and made a pact.  I will stick it out and silence the peanut gallery in my head.   I will embrace doing something unfamiliar in the hopes of uncovering something better.   I will trust.   Isn’t that the biggest thing?   Trusting.    Putting ourselves in the lane of faith.   Some days are easier than others.  I have to remember that there is a reason I wanted to change the look and feel of my unrecognizable body.  It was nudge.  I am paying attention to those nudges and “suggestions” that randomly pop into my busy brain.   Week two…..I am coming for you.