Square Peg ● Round Hole







In light of the shit show that has been exploding in our society lately, I thought it would be a good time to extend some reminders.    I feel overstimulated, sad, and angry blended with a sense of disbelief.   How can these acts of violence become the norm?

First, I turn off the television.  I don’t read the newspaper.   The media seems to get a little overzealous and the information isn’t always correct.  I mean, there were reports that Tom Petty was dead and well, he wasn’t…..yet.    It is a competition on who can get the story first even if it isn’t correct.    Journalistic integrity has been flushed down the toilet.

Second, I cherish the ordinary.    Waking up to a new day is quite a gift.  You know all fifty-nine of those individuals who perished in Las Vegas, woke up that morning excited to go to that concert and they never had a chance to have another ordinary day.    We spend a lot of time complaining.   It is human nature.   But, what would your day look like if you didn’t complain?    Yesterday, I tried to do that.  Just to remind myself every time a complaint came to mind or was uttered to recount it by something positive.   Honestly, I have nothing worth the effort of complaining.    My life is good.  Sure there are always challenges, but that is life.   I am grateful for the mundane.  I am grateful that within each moment lies a memory.

I look for the laughter.  Humor gets me through just about anything.   I look for the helpers.  Those are the people that through their selfless acts give me hope.   As Oprah said on Ellen yesterday, “Appreciate the ordinary of the day because that is what makes things extraordinary.”