Square Peg ● Round Hole







While our pictures from Europe create the story of nothing less than perfection, let me share the rest of the story.   There were blips.  In fact, if someone were following my spouse and me around, they would have gotten some excellent footage.  For example, while in Barcelona, Brian and I got tired of perusing the gorgeous open markets and shops, so we opted to go back to the hotel.   We were cocky in thinking that we could handle their metro system, so we bellied up to the machine only to be confused.   Apparently, the machine didn’t take anything over 20 euros, but you would have had to be able to read  a foreign language to understand that.  Nothing funnier than two ignorant Americans doing the same thing over and over again.  When Brian wasn’t successful, I would try because I thought that he didn’t know what he was doing.  It ended up that we were both slightly stupid.   Seriously, it was a comedy routine that we didn’t find funny until afterwards.   We finally gave up and got a cab.

I found animals wherever we went.  People are searching for landmarks and I am on the prowl for a four-legged furry delight.    Brian and I missed the group photo at Cape Finisterre.  Dubbed “the end of the world” because the Romans literally believed that was the final destination before you fell off.  Obviously, the Romans were misinformed, but it is a really cool place.  We missed it because I found this adorable dog who kept wanting me to play.  I also found cats at various points of travel that I may have paid more attention to than the actual site itself.  I truly can’t help myself.

At one point, I was standing in line for the restrooms and some grumpy person said he was sick of dealing with Americans from “Trump land”.  I knew we had been gone a while, but couldn’t imagine that we had changed our name.   I was glad to find out that we were still identified as the United States.

While in Spain, I ventured out of my food comfort zone to try the seafood platter.  The platter supplied me with a hearty dose of squid, octopus, shrimp (completely intact with adorable, beady eyes that were basically daring me to go through with eating it), and some other things that I can’t remember.   Let’s just say, I tried a few things and decided that chewy tentacles with their delightful suction cups were not my cup of tea.  Thank God my spouse will eat just about anything.    That day I drank my lunch.

The last night in Barcelona, we arrived back to our hotel room to a bit of a surprise.  I asked Brian about an odd noise I kept hearing and he informed me that it was coming from another room.    As I walked into the bathroom, I realized that the noise was water flowing down the wall.  The point of origin would be the room above us.   So, instead of just packing to go home, I was throwing shit in various bags, so that we could evacuate to our new room.  Once in our new room, I repacked to go home.   Never a dull moment.  The lady at the front desk commented that “this situation happens a lot”.  So, people leave their showers or bath water running indefinitely?  Good to know.

I love when I get opportunities to not take myself so seriously.   When moments give me a reason to laugh.   We are human beings trying to navigate life.   If I can’t laugh at myself, I can always find humor with my spouse.   He radiates comic relief.