Square Peg ● Round Hole







If you are a frequent reader – which I hope you are – you will remember me writing about mastering the art of space.  What I mean is being relaxed while the space I am in is currently quiet with only ripples of tasks with deadlines.   I am in a state of marinating.  Similar to a piece of meat, but less messy.

While impatient at first, I have learned to enjoy the silence.  Being mindful of being completely present.   I will be honest that in the beginning, I was annoyed.  I was sure that I was missing something.  But, as time has passed, I am beginning to reside without impatience.  I am slowly starting to view this space as a gift.

After all, this time has allowed me to travel, immerse myself in Bryce’s senior year, focus on other area’s of writing, among a host of other things, all without fear.   I was fearful at first.  It was the fear that after losing my primary writing gig, I was done.  Nothing else was out on the horizon.  It was the fear of scarcity.   While I have other writing assignments, I know that more will be revealed.   You see the obstacles I viewed at first are now becoming opportunities.  It is all about perspective.  There is too much faith hanging out in my open space these days.    This is my time to rest, renew and rejuvenate.

I was reminded that the only time fear trickles in is when I feel like I am either going to loss something or not get something.   But, when I replace that with the idea that God has better plans, things seem to be more in balance.  There is a reason He is in charge and not me.   My ideas are pretty good (at least I think they are when I bounce them around in my head), but when I see things in my life unfold even more amazing than I had planned, I realize that when I release the outcome, miracles happen.