Square Peg ● Round Hole







A couple of blogs ago, I was talking about stepping out of my comfort zone.   There was a photo shoot being done for the cover of a magazine that I contribute to and the thought of dressing up and posing terrified me.   It really was ego driven as I was keenly aware of being uncomfortable with my appearance.     After I clicked “Yes” to RSVP, I made excuses in my head about not having the right clothes or not really knowing anyone.   Writing is kind of like being the Lone Ranger minus the horse.    It isn’t a team sport.  I might contribute to a publication, but it isn’t as though I see these people on a daily basis.

Once I wrote the blog and put it out there, I knew that I had to follow through.  After all, for me, it is all about the action.  I can write all day long about taking risks and being comfortable with discomfort, but if I don’t actively do it, then I am a fraud.   Living authentically requires me to take my own advice.    So, I found an outfit that didn’t repulse me and I was thrilled that a friend of mine had been included in the mix, so two out of two fears were conquered.  I was still a bit on edge as there would be some very influential people in the mix.   But then I remember that they are just people with their own insecurities and self-doubt.

As I walked into the beautiful venue, I was struck by how comfortable I felt and was amazed at the gratitude that showered over me.   Eight months ago, my career abruptly changed, but this particular magazine – along with another publication – provided a soft place for me to land.    Not many people have that happen, so I am thankful and proud of this accomplishment.   Not to toot my own horn – okay actually I am tooting it – I am proud of me!   I didn’t let a drastic change defeat me.   I showed up to a gathering that intimidated the hell out of me.   I might be a little bit of a bad ass.

We are all perfectly imperfect.   We all have self-doubt sprinkled with a degree of fear.  It is human nature.   The difference is silencing the talk in your head by walking through the discomfort and simply being the best version of yourself.