Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have been reconstructing my health regiment for the last few weeks.  Six to be exact, in an effort to be more fit, have less jiggle, all with the hope that the scale won’t cry whenever I stand on it.   In the past, I might have given up when I didn’t have a victory on the almighty scale, but this time, I am almost enjoying tweaking the plan.   First, I started on the tread mill…..yawn.  Then I ventured into circuit training…..tiny yawn, but still boring.  But then, I reconnected with my favorite training tool, the battle ropes.  This amazing badass tool makes me a little giddy to exercise.  With the weather being so amazing for November, I have seized the time to go outside and kick some middle-age metabolism’s ass.  Oh, and I found a Tabata app that will time you.   Tabatas allow you to exercise full on for a certain amount of seconds and then rest in between for a total of twenty minutes or how ever long you want.   There is nothing more gratifying than slamming these ropes to the ground.  Ideal if you have a lot of aggression.  I particularly enjoy them after dealing with incredibly annoying people.

As far as eating goes, that has been trickier.   I don’t eat after 7 and this week I am overhauling the size of my meals.  Mornings will be larger while the dinner portion will be smaller.  We will see how that goes.   While the pounds seem to be hibernating for the winter and refuse to leave, the inches are coming off with ease.   Pants that I couldn’t wear last year are now comfortable.  My legs have more definition whereas before, it was hard to tell where my knees were located.

While things are progressing slowly, I have been intrigued as I have perused Pinterest for ideas on diet and exercise.  I am constantly amused at the prompts that taut quick weight loss if you drink some gross concoction everyday.    I just wonder if random people write a bunch of bullshit to entice those in the mode of desperation.    It is interesting how I am no longer frustrated or annoyed at this process.   Maybe it is finding something that really makes you want to be active or figuring out what food works.   But, if I am truly being honest, I think it is the fact that I let go of the expectations and instead am just taking it one day at a time.   Acceptance of where I am is key to moving forward.  Look I know that I will not be one of those skinny bitches that people badger to eat a cheeseburger.  Instead, I am embracing the healthy, fit middle age woman who can whip battle ropes like nobody’s business.