Square Peg ● Round Hole







I pride myself on remembering pivotal obligations that the boys have even if I don’t have it written down.  I can’t remember why I walked into a room, but if it has to do with my offspring, then I have the memory of an elephant.   Except for yesterday.   Yesterday afternoon, Bryce was trying out for his high school’s spring production of “Rock of Ages”.   I have shared how much I admire him for his willingness to step out of his comfort zone.   He had picked out his audition music and respectfully declined my help in the vocal aspect while gravitating to YouTube and memorizing Billy Joe’s performance of “The Piano Man”.    And yet, through all of that, he left yesterday morning and I failed to tell him “good luck”.

Deep in the day, I remembered it and berated myself slightly.    I sent him a text that read like this:   “Good luck at tryouts!  I hope you will sing us a song tonight because we are in the mood for a melody.”    I am quite positive that he rolled his eyes when he read it, but was polite enough to simply say “thank you”.    Around the time of the audition, I sent up a little prayer and a few minutes later I received a phone call from him.  He was giddy because he felt it went well and also relieved that it was over and done.   Whether he gets a part or not, his outlook is that he at least tried.   I love that about him and wished that I had been that secure at his age.

One of the biggest joys that I have is watching my boys navigate life.  Even with a disability, Bailey is learning to make decisions independently.  They are both thriving which is good because someone is going to need to care for me in my old age as I am certain I will probably get lost in my home at some point.