Square Peg ● Round Hole







Let me state that I used to hate football.  I couldn’t understand the fascination of people dressed in bulky uniforms hurling themselves on the field in hopes of catching an odd shaped ball.  The novelty was lost on me.  I grew up with a deep appreciation for college basketball due to my father’s involvement with his Alma mater.   It was shocking when he revealed to me one day that football was his favorite sport.   I was stunned.

So, for the last four years I have been to 97 percent of all of my son’s high school football games.  No, he isn’t a player but he holds an important place on the team as a student trainer/manager.    Maybe it is the concept of having someone you love on the field that has drawn me in, but some nights I barely recognize myself as I scream at the refs with very embellished language.  Last night the only screaming I did was celebratory as we took the final step in gaining a spot in the state championship.   But football is really secondary to the what Bryce has learned being a part of this team.    I am not referring to the colorful language because he hears that from me on a daily basis, but it the support system that they supply to one another.    It is truly a brotherhood that will continue to nourish these young men long after their high school careers have ended.

While next week is an exciting time, it will also mark the end of Bryce’s high school football experience.   He has gained friendships, valued mentoring, and many life skills that will help him on his journey.    I am mindful that I am going to have many emotions when they take the field next week.  While I don’t know the outcome, I do know that the scary football mom will probably make an appearance screaming “You suck” to the refs at least a few times.   Regardless of the score, we hit the jackpot.