Square Peg ● Round Hole







Did you survive?  Did Aunt Bertha behave herself and were you able to escape the dinner with minimal emotional residue?    Our Thanksgiving was delightful which had everything to do with family participation.  No one carried the full load and before everyone arrived, the four of us held hands and did a family prayer.   I find that including God in the mix makes for a less dramatic gathering.   He kind of likes to be included.

But wait, before anyone can exhale, digest their food, and enjoy the moment, we are already jumping into the Christmas season.  Is it just me or are the holidays running together?  It seems we really don’t get to enjoy them one at a time.  Instead they are lumped together like meaningless merchandise in the $1 bin at Target.    I appreciate tradition and if it means going out and fighting with complete strangers over crap you don’t need, then who am I to judge.  Oh wait, I am judging.  I completely own it.  I have never understood the novelty.    It sounds like a lot of work and in order to get in the Christmas spirit, spending time in the middle of the night with crowds of people who are probably bitchy because they would rather be in bed, doesn’t attract me.     Oh yes, I have heard that it is the thrill of the hunt.   Again, too lazy to hunt.   My hunting skills reside with quick fingers on my computer or simply going to a small local store where people aren’t there to spray me with mace or shove me out of the way in order to get the latest and greatest electronic that will be replaced by something better in six months or less.   Call me a Scrooge if it makes you feel better.    My idea of getting in the holiday groove is simple……..I ignore the hoopla.   I go at my own pace.   I make sure that I don’t get sucked in by the insanity.  It is called keeping it simple.

So, while there are people running around like they have been training for a marathon supporting the economy and depleting their own funds, I will be delighting in my warm home while visions of not interacting with hoards of people dance in my head.