Square Peg ● Round Hole







Sunday is designated a day of rest, but for me, it was a day of active cleansing.    Preparing for my colonoscopy, I was very mindful of how productive my body is, which was somewhere between uncomfortable and completely unpleasant.  I sent my family away, so they could escape the horror show.   My best attempt to save my boys from additional therapy.

My arrival time was 6:30 am, which was ideal because my organs were starting to eat each other.   I always enjoy arriving at a hospital where they are so cheerful and ask how you are, like crapping out your insides has somehow brought you tremendous happiness.  By 8:30, I was wheeled in where I was greeted with more friendly faces who happened to work with one of my BFFs and were aware of my arrival.  (I love my tribe of friends.)   Then a very nice lady gave me some delightful drugs.  My last words were, “this is nice”.  When I was being escorted out in my luxury wheelchair, I was sharing with the nurse how I was four pounds down due to the cleanse.  She informed me that I will gain it back.  What a killjoy.  No shit ( pun intended), lady, but thanks for sharing the obvious and crushing my spirit.

Since this is the week of Thanksgiving, I will share my gratitude of being healthy.  That I don’t have to repeat the horror cleanse for ten years.   I am thankful for having wonderful doctors and nurses who assist in my journey of maintaining my vehicle.  My husband who took off work and made sure I was taken care of throughout the day and cooked a wonderful dinner with the help of chef Bailey give me lots of reasons to be grateful.   However, no one was interested in seeing the photos of the main event.  I guess they are super jealous of my sparkling colon.