Square Peg ● Round Hole







Somewhere between the fine lines and the gravitational pull where you no longer resemble the person you where five years ago, some genius added a colonoscopy on the list of things to do.    So, to start Thanksgiving week off with a bang, I am on a clear liquid diet to cleanse my fifty-year old colon.

Yesterday I indulged a bit.   Paying attention to eating things that I might normally avoid.  I was planning my “last meal” with tremendous thought as I wanted it to be memorable.  Late in the day, I received a text from one of my friends asking if we wanted to meet her and her spouse for dinner.  Normally, I would not be up for actually leaving the house on a Saturday night.  It takes commitment and really, I don’t have any, but I thought it would be a good chance to continue my plan of food indulgence.  The restaurant picked served comfort food and my idea was to consume as much as possible.   Not to the point of that guy in the Monty Python movie who basically exploded from gluttony, but just enough that my fast wouldn’t be so bleak.   Fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and large flaky biscuits did not disappoint.   I was in heaven.  When it came time for dessert, I was up for the task.  Full, but not ready to give up, I perused the menu.  My taste buds were on alert and then I was offered a friendly reminder.   My tribe member, who is in the healthcare industry, shared that the more I put in, the more will come out while preparing for this procedure.    I hate it when people have a point.  When their reasoning sounds better than the voices in my head.   So, I passed on dessert and I am sure later today will be grateful that I did.

There is a shift in my attitude toward this curve in the road of middle age.   I am grateful that I participate in self-care.     Ever since I had this milestone birthday, I have been more attuned to focusing on my health.    This vehicle that God gave me only comes in one model.  While I would love to trade in some of my parts, I realize that there is a lot of grace in accepting what I have and taking care of it in a proper fashion.  So, while I eat my broth, there will be visions of actual food dancing in my head.   This too shall pass along with a lot of stuff later today. (You all knew I couldn’t resist, right?)