Square Peg ● Round Hole







There is a degree of annoyance as I peruse social media mainly due to incredibly gullible people who are in the mindset that life is a virtual bowl of chocolate with an unlimited supply.   Let me explain.   For the last year, normally around the holidays, fairly intelligent people are posting invitations to participate in a gift exchange via the mail.   Sounds incredibly festive sprinkled with a dose of  it’s against the law.   The best is the first sentence in the invitation saying “this is not a scam”.  Umm……yes, it is.

So, the enticement is asking for people to participate with the carrot dangling of sending one gift while you could receive more than you sent. While it is delightful to exchange gifts with friends, gift chains are illegal and participants are subject to penalties for mail fraud.    Doesn’t sound so great anymore does it?

What is so puzzling to me, is the level of gullibility of our society.  I mean, if it sounds too good, then it is.   But, yet there are still these starry-eyed individuals who believe just about anything.  This is clearly demonstrated in our current state of affairs, but I won’t touch that hot mess.  We are doomed by of our own lack of commonsense.

While this particular entry might sound a bit judgmental and harsh, it is seasoned with love.  I am trying one by one to revive the lost art of people actually having correct information instead of spewing crap that isn’t true.    Friends don’t let friends post unsubstantiated claims.    You’re welcome 🙂