Square Peg ● Round Hole







I know that most of you are up to your eyeballs with Christmas delight.  I imagine you are glowing with the spirit of the season.   Your heart is filled with love and you are counting the moments until the holidays…….are over.   I have shared that I am somewhat in the middle.   I particularly enjoy ordering my dinner online for Christmas and having the presents for the boys boxed (I don’t wrap simply because it looks like a murder situation with a struggle.  I put things in gift boxes with already made bows.)  I thought I would share some interesting tidbits that may enhance the spirit of the season.

Give the Gift of Choice

Last night while perusing Facebook, I noticed that I had been added to a group.  When I went to the page, I had no idea what the page was about or who the facilitator was, so I took the liberty to disengage from that by removing myself from the page.  Honestly, invite me, I will consider it, but take me hostage and don’t give me a choice……no thank you.

Give the Gift of Courtesy

It must be so taxing and time consuming to not be able to say “thank you” when someone holds the door for you, wave as someone lets you in to traffic, or even smile as you pass someone, perhaps even utter a “hello”.   But, in the spirit of the season, try something unfamiliar called “courtesy”.  It allows you to engage with other humans in a thoughtful manner.   If you continue to practice it, this may become a habit.  Oh, and that goes for turn signals as well.

Give the Gift of Not Complaining

Rather than tally your grievances in your life, count your blessings.  Of course, it is human nature to pick out the negative aspects, but gazing on all that I am grateful for seems to minimize my complaints.

Give the Gift of Communication

Leave a message if you wish to receive a call back.   Use your words to engage in a face to face conversation.   Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don’t say it mean.   Stop acting like everyone is a mind reader.  Nobody knows how to help, if you don’t share what you need.

Give the Gift of Honesty

Don’t mislead people on social media.   Be authentic.  Be real.  Don’t be afraid to own who you are.  Nobody cares that you married your “soul mate” and he practically craps glitter that smells like roses.  The constant posting about everything this person does for you is a little over the top.  Maybe it is just me, but it makes me wonder who these people are trying to convince.

Give the Gift of Silence

Sometimes keeping my mouth shut is the biggest gift I can give to the universe.  Nobody really wants my opinion.  If asked, I am careful in my response.   I purposely don’t post anything controversial because I value the space I create that isn’t tainted by all that is wrong in the world.   My small corner is filled with enough to deal with, so I politely maintain a degree of quiet when opinions are drowning society.

I know it isn’t Oprah’s favorite things, but it is simply food for thought.   All of the components mentioned can give the ones you love a soft place to land when the world seems so harsh.