Square Peg ● Round Hole







“WTF” is the thought that runs through my head as I haphazardly come across some ridiculous new “awarenesses” that society now has deemed offensive or no longer appropriate.   And when I say “society”, I am really referring to the drunken idiots that apparently make up crap and get paid for it.  The newest moronic revelation prohibits officials at the CDC to use phrases like “fetus”, “transgender” “vulnerable” “diversity” oh and my two favorites….”science-based” and “evidence-based”.  Science was lost on me in school, but I think most of our medical discoveries are rooted in science-based and evidence-based.   So, I guess the CDC can’t put out statements like….”The vulnerable, transgender fetus was impacted by its science-based diversity.”

Yet, the place we go to for words AKA the dictionary has adopted new ones that no one even uses like “humblebrag” (making a seemingly modest statement that draws attention to one’s impressive qualities or achievements) or “listicle” (an article consisting of a series of items presented as a list).  Apparently, I am in the wrong profession.

Just when I think it can’t get more bizarre, it does.   I can only imagine how difficult it will be when it will be “inappropriate” to refer to body parts.   Like going to the OBGYN and playing a game of charades to indicate that the area where a human is shoved out needs attention since the “v” word is no longer suitable to be used.   We are heading towards being a silent society because people are so easily offended.  For the love of Jesus, you can’t say “Merry Christmas” anymore because that is deemed not politically correct.

My whole agenda when I write is to make the insanity a little more bearable.  To spin it so I can find the humor.  Sadly, the unbelievable has settled into the normality of society and it’s impacting my imagination since you really can’t make this shit up.