Square Peg ● Round Hole







Sometimes I wished that kids came already complete.  You know, basic skills like cooking, cleaning, and just the typical things that one must do to get through life.   I wish that I didn’t have to be the instructor.  Honestly, I feel like in the stage my kids are in, teaching them would be easy.  I mean, wouldn’t you imagine they would be eager to learn?

My reality falls short in that theory.    I have been purchasing Home Chef for a few months now.  I have it delivered every other week depending on the choices that they have.   The kits come complete with all ingredients and the recipe card.  So, I thought this would be an ideal situation.  Certainly having everything at your finger tips will ease the burden of cooking, right?  Wrong.   Bryce started browning the meat while Bailey chopped the tomatoes for the pico de gallo.  The end result would reveal flavorful steak quesadillas.  In my head, I am imagining this Norman Rockwell painting where we are all smiling, chatting, and enjoying the moment.   However, in that painting I don’t think there was a hormonal eighteen year old male who took every suggestion as a criticism.  “Bryce, you will need to stir the meat constantly in order for it to brown.”  “Bryce, that is a tablespoon, it asked for a teaspoon.”  “Bryce, you will need to drain the juices before you add the rest of the seasoning.”    The one thing I didn’t say was, “Bryce, get your head out of your ass.”     In the life skills department, I think Bailey may be ahead of the game.

So, he walked out of his cooking duties and I finished up.   There was no screaming at him.  There was no inquiry.  There was silence.  I wasn’t going to engage in that simply because it is a waste of energy.   He says he knows how to cook, so I will trust that when he is on his own, he will survive.

Preparing children for life is like corralling cats.    It makes me have a deep appreciation for what my mother went through.  I was constantly shouting, “I know, I know, I know” as she tried to educate me.  Sadly, I didn’t know shit, but learned through clumsy efforts.

I trust that he will get what he needs once he steps out into the world. The basics have been provided.  He cleans the hell out of a bathroom and does his own laundry, so I haven’t failed.   Maybe this can be an opportunity for a future girlfriend or wife.  God bless them.  They have their work cut out for them.