Square Peg ● Round Hole







As the year is winding down and we are in the throes of the sparkle of the holidays, I am reminded to be flexible.    To be easy with myself as things change around me.  I remind myself to not be so rigid and to allow opportunity to unfold organically.   In my rear view mirror, I am amazed how much change can occur in a year.  There are no regrets for me only lessons full of gratitude.

Yes, my job changed unexpectedly after ten years.  Yes, I turned fifty (although expected, it is still unbelievable).  Yes, my youngest in his last year of high school and has made his choice for college.   These are all blessings with a little bit of sadness and fear mixed it.   But, I found my rhythm through all of it.   I am in a place of acceptance and open to receiving.  I think that is the difference.  Being in a position of accepting ALL that comes my way.  That includes those opportunities that take my breath away.  Those moments that leave me feeling empty, but give me the chance to create something new.

This blog has been my safe place.  I am unapologetic in this space.   My words represent my unrelenting authenticity.   Gratitude is my closet companion.    Every situation is filled with pockets of blessings.  It is up to me to never be blind to them.   It is up to me to find moments throughout the day to give thanks.  To be still and mindful.   To never wish away anything because it is through those moments where I blossom the most.