Square Peg ● Round Hole







I should be finishing my articles due today for a local magazine.  But, I wait.  I wait on quotes from individuals who have yet to get back with me even though I have stalked them through emails and voice messages.  I am being held hostage by silence.   It happens all the time.  My deadline is today.  For me, I like to surprise my deadline by being early, but today, that isn’t the plan.   I am a firm believer in signs.

I have had a lot of roadblocks today.   First, the computer decided to take three hours updating itself.   Even during that time, emails from needed sources didn’t come in.  I don’t panic.   This is par for the course of writing.   Something is always taking its time.  It parallels how life goes and I have learned to simply flow with it.   While frustrating, my energy is better spent figuring out what I can get done versus what isn’t being accomplished.   I suppose that is something I learned rather slowly.    Reaction isn’t a worthy companion when writing, but rather a hindrance.   I have learned stress doesn’t partner well with the creative process.   So, I am in pause mode.

I will meet the deadline and those quotes from needed sources will arrive.   Funny, how God nudges me when he is reminding me that his timing is always perfect.   Simple reminders that are so useful, especially this time of the year.    Being patient with myself and remembering that all is well.