Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have a feline friend that visits on occasion.   A robust cat obviously cherished who adores spontaneous naps inside my writing studio.    He is quick to jump in my lap, but is easily content for hours just resting in my spare chair.  The visits are infrequent, but the time spent brings so much happiness.  I am an animal lover.  Of course, I have my own to lather in attention, but this particular cat seems to really enjoy my company rather than begging me to either feed or handle potty duties like my own.   He seems to appreciate me.

Today, my feline friend came for a visit.   The howls from the Basset hounds and the fur rising off of the cats was the only indication that I had.   He was waiting patiently for me to come out and greet him.   Today, something was different.   He had a collar on with an identification tag.  I learned that his name is “Cat” and he lives a block away from me.  That made me happy that someone loves him enough to let others know where he belongs.   I venture to say, many have probably tried to keep him because of his fantastic demeanor.   I do have an opinion on the unimaginative name, but I am sure that there is a story to tell regarding that.   He followed me as I retrieved the trash can from the curb and settled down near my Adirondack chair.   He flopped, he rubbed up against me, and then jumped in my lap to be cuddled.    After a while, I decided to go about my day and bid him farewell.  He lingered to taunt the cats and dogs that had their noses pressed to the window.   Their disdain for me was obvious.

I felt a little nudge to drop a note to my nearby neighbors to share how special “Cat” is and how I enjoy his visits.   Because I am a writer, I research.  I googled the address to find the name of the owner which revealed something I wasn’t expecting.  It was the obituary of the owner who apparently died three days ago.  Tears welled up in my eyes at the realization that “Cat” had just lost his human.

I don’t know what will become of “Cat”.  I am hoping that he is loved enough to be taken in by surviving relatives.  My gratitude is that I stopped and took the time to love on him. Isn’t that what we should always be mindful of regardless of the busy distractions in our lives?  Being present.  Taking a moment to simply acknowledge one another.  That smile, the hug, or even just a small conversation could make the difference in someone’s day.  I am a firm believer that animals grieve and while I may not see my feline friend again, I hope he knows how much his visits made my heart smile.