Square Peg ● Round Hole







If you are a regular reader of my blog then you are well aware of my intense dislike for New Year’s resolutions.    I know that everyone anticipates that the new year brings a fresh start and while that is a lovely sentiment, were you aware that you can have that everyday?   Every. Single. Day.   You can make a decision to do it differently at any point of any day.  Why does everyone think that the first day of the new year is the ideal time?  Is it procrastination?  Reluctance?   I get it.  The new year equals a clean slate in the eyes of the masses and it also has the ingredients of failure.

Let’s talk about the every popular resolution.  A resolution is basically resolving a problem.   And while I am a lot of things, I am not a problem (well, some people might not agree with that sentiment.).   The things about me are not a problem.  If I shift my perception and realize that those parts of me that I would like to change or tweak are simply opportunities to do something different, then it doesn’t seem so overwhelming.   They are more realistic and manageable.   And all of this requires action.  Not just in the sense of simply doing the work, but also following through with it.  Not giving up because it’s hard or you have allowed self-deprecating talk to intimidate you.

If you are clinging to the notion of proceeding with your resolutions, I suggest a vision board.  This is something that simply allows you to put on a piece of paper or poster board things that you would like to see happen as each day passes.  I made mine a few months ago and it is prominently displayed in my writing studio.  It is the no pressure approach.  Some of the things on my board have already come to fruition and they are fun to create.

I started tweaking my health regiment over ten weeks ago.  More exercise, watching what I eat, and an overall sense of allowing my body to guide me.   Turning fifty was my new year, so to speak.   I set the intention of doing something different with a forgiving nature.   I don’t beat myself up when I don’t have a scale win or if exercise doesn’t fit within my day.    There is an unconditional love for myself that provides a space for me to be human.   I am not perfect (shocking, isn’t it?).   I am a work in progress grabbing opportunities to enhance my life.

I know the general masses cling to the notion of this resolution crap.  That’s cool.  Just remember to be realistic in your goals, be forgiving in your nature, and most of all, don’t quit because its hard.