Square Peg ● Round Hole







“Can I tell about the secret?”   This was the question from my oldest regarding the engagement of his cousin/best friend to his longtime girlfriend.  I was confused because we all knew that they had just gotten engaged hours before so I wasn’t sure why he was asking.   It was public knowledge and we were all thrilled with the news.   “Bailey, everyone knows already, so it’s not a secret.”   His response was, “Well, Caden told me not to tell.”    As our conversation went on, he divulged that for the last two weeks he has kept quiet regarding the fact that he had gone with his cousin to help him pick out the ring.   Now, this is no small feat.   Bailey tends to have loose lips.  In fact, he almost let me in on the plans for my 50th surprise birthday party.   So, for Caden to trust him made my heart skip a beat.

These two have always had a special bond.   While all of my nephews adore their cousin, there has been something different with these two.  Maybe it is because they are two years apart or perhaps it is just how God arranged it…..two peas in a pod.  Nevertheless, Caden has always been present for his cousin in any situation including heavy intimidation when someone doesn’t treat him with respect and dignity.  But, in this instance, my heart was bursting with love for this young man and his willingness to include Bailey in this life event.

I don’t think people understand that gravity of such an action to a parent with a special needs child.   Sure, for Caden it probably seemed so natural, but for me, it seemed so utterly amazing.   Naturally, the girl he is marrying is equal to his kindness and compassion.   They complement one another.

In a world where there is so much intolerance and lack of compassion for one another, I look at this particular action and grin.   This morning as I exchanged numerous texts with my nephew regarding this particular act of love, I cried happy tears for various reasons.  The love that these two have for one another simply spills out and blankets everyone around them.